Community Outreach

​The mission of Saint John Vianney Community Outreach is to inspire the parish community to live out the Gospel and act in ways that make the worlds of peace, justice and mercy integral to their daily lives.  ​We provide oversight and coordination for parish service projects, and establish processes, communication channels, allocate resources, and provide assistance to ministry leaders in order to work together to make a difference at Saint John Vianney and in the surrounding communities.

The SJV Parish Community Outreach offers tangible assistance to those in need on a person-to-person basis. This aid may take the form of intervention, consultation, or often through direct dollar or in-kind service. An essential precept of the SJV Parish Community Outreach's work is to provide help while conscientiously maintaining the confidentiality and dignity of those who are served. The Outreach recognizes that is must assume, also, a role of advocacy for those who are defenseless or voiceless. At our parish, SJV Parish Community Outreach volunteers conduct home visits, maintain a food pantry, and organize clothing and fundraising drives.

If you need assistance with food or clothing, please contact Brian Corey at 402-895-0808