Religious Education

 2018-2019 Religious Education Calendar and Parent Handbook will be available in September

You, the parent, are the most important component in the religious education and formation of your child. St. John Vianney’s Faith Formation/Sunday School program exists to supplement the teaching of the Catholic faith that you live at home. There is no adequate substitute for the active involvement of parents in nurturing their child's emerging faith as disciples of Jesus Christ. It is the parents who encourage their child's personal response to God's words and gifts.

In our program, parents and catechists (teachers) are partners supporting each other in their efforts to provide religious education for the disciples (children).

We are a resource for your child and your family. We see your child approximately 30 hours a year. It is up to you to make the decision that your faith is important – then it will be important to your child. Take time to utilize the resources and lessons sent home. There is so much information available!

In our program, parents and catechists (teachers) are partners supporting each other in their efforts to provide religious education for the disciples (children).

Catechists are volunteers from the parish community who generously give of their talents and time. All catechists are required to attend orientation and in-service programs during the year to help them work effectively with the children. All are encouraged to become certified catechists with the Archdiocese of Omaha.  (Parents who volunteer to teach are not required to pay tuition for their children.)

You can expect for yourself and your family:

  • a welcoming, loving atmosphere
  • community-building activities and experiences
  • growth in your family’s relationship with God
  • information to help make decisions based on Christian values
  • preparation for leadership and ministry in the local community, church and world-at-large
  • convictions that help you cope with modern trends of media morality, the "me first" generation and the desire for material possessions above all else
  • an awareness of opportunities to act for peace and justice for humankind
  • ideas and activities that can help bring new understanding of faith into your home


We expect:

  • your involvement and interest in all facets of the Faith Formation/Religious Education program
  • that you will talk with your child about each meeting and event related to the Religious Education program
  • that you will contact your child's catechist at least twice during the year to discuss your child's progress
  • that you will contact your child's catechist or the Faith Formation Office each time your child will not be attending class
  • that you will contact the catechist or the Faith Formation Office if there is a issue with your child's participation so that we may assist with a solution
  • your attendance at the parent information meetings and any other parent meetings related to a particular grade level
  • your attendance at family reconciliations, Christmas program, and other special liturgical events
  • your family’s weekly attendance at Mass. This is an important component of your child’s formation

If, at any time throughout the year, you have questions or concerns about your child’s religious education/ formation, please let John Gencarelli, the Director of Faith Formation know. You may call 402.895.0896 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  In order for us to provide the best experience for your child, we need to be aware of any possible problems.