2019-2020 Rel Ed Registration

Please Register your children for Sunday  School, The Catch-Up Class, Wednesday Evening Religious Education, and Teen Life Ministry by clicking on the link below.

Please enter your children's information for next school year (2019-2020)

ONLINE REGISTRATION HERE: 2019-2020 Religious Education/Faith Formation Registration

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NOTE: We have raised fees this year because our costs for books and supplies have increased. 

Registering after May 24th, 2019 will add a $35.00 late fee

Payment can be made through PayPal using an Online Check, Credit/Debit Card, or a PayPal Account.

  • Wednesday Religious Education Begins September 11th, 2019.
  • Sunday School Begins September 15th, 2019.
  • TLM (High School Students) Begins September 11th, 2019.

Sunday School

Sunday School: Pre- Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes are offered during the 9:30 am Mass on Sunday.  Lesson plans and resources are provided. 

2019-2020 Sunday School Calendar will be available soon.

Saint John Vianney Sunday School Curriculum

  • Pre-Kindergarten: I Am Special 4-Year-Old, Revised – Our Sunday Visitor
  • Kindergarten:  I Am Special Kindergarten, Revised – Our Sunday Visitor

“I am Special” Includes Scripture references and commentaries on the Catechism. Children are invited to explore, discover, and learn more about themselves, relationships with others, and about God's creations.

Our Sunday Visitor provides curriculum and services for catechists and educators so that Catholics of all ages better understand, grow in, and live their faith. At the core of everything they do are the values we hold dear; values founded on integrity and trust; being responsive, relational and collaborative; offering creative and innovative solutions; and above all, promoting a distinctly Catholic identity. Our Sunday Visitor is bringing your Catholic faith to life through curriculum and resources that focus on:

  • Scripture – effective presentation of God’s Word
  • Prayer – presenting a rich diversity of Catholic prayers and practices
  • Families and Faith – supporting families in experiencing and sharing faith together
  • Ease of Use – materials that are easy to use both for the children and the adults that teach them
  • Building a Strong Catholic Identity – everyone will know their Catholic faith through Scripture and Tradition, prayer, authentic Catholic images, activities, and online resources!

Many resources for parents can be found at https://www.osvparish.com/

Catechists are volunteers from the parish community who generously give of their talents and time. All catechists are required to attend orientation and in-service programs during the year to help them work effectively with the children. All are encouraged to become certified catechists with the Archdiocese of Omaha.  (Parents who volunteer to teach are not required to pay tuition for their children.)

You can expect for yourself and your family:

  • a welcoming, loving atmosphere
  • community-building activities and experiences
  • growth in your family’s relationship with God
  • ideas and activities that can help bring new understanding of faith into your home

We expect:

  • your involvement and interest in all facets of the Faith Formation/Sunday School program
  • that you will talk with your child about each meeting and event related to the Sunday School program
  • that you will contact your child's catechist at least twice during the year to discuss your child's progress
  • that you will contact your child's catechist or the Faith Formation Office each time your child will not be attending class
  • that you will contact the catechist or the Faith Formation Office if there is a issue with your child's participation so that we may assist with a solution
  • your family’s weekly attendance at Mass. This is an important component of your child’s formation

If, at any time throughout the year, you have questions or concerns about your child’s religious education/ formation, please let John Gencarelli, the Director of Faith Formation know. You may call 402.895.0896 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  In order for us to provide the best experience for your child, we need to be aware of any possible problems.