Homeschooling for Religious Education

Teaching religious education at home is option for parents. Of course there are many parents who homeschool for every subject, but there are also parents who have their children in a public school or private school and select to do just their religion classes at home. There are a wide variety of reasons to do this. There might be scheduling conflicts with the SJV Religious Education program, or parents might simply think that teaching religion at home will not only help their children learn the Faith better, but will strengthen their relationship with their child, who, if they go to a regular school, might not be at home all that often.

One of the first questions parents have is whether or not homeschooling for Religious Education is actually allowed by the Church. The answer is yes! The Second Vatican Council put together a document on Christian education, Gravissimum Educationis, in which it was explained that parents, society, and the Church all have a duty regarding the education of children, but that the primary and principal duty belongs to parents.

We here at SJV make arrangements with parents to provide books, teaching aides, and other materials, including online testing, etc. You will need to register your child and pay a small fee per child, including sacrament fees. We currently have programs available for Grades 1-6, however, grades 7-8 must be done at the parish due to the nature of the curriculum for Confirmation Preparation.

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