Saint John Vianney 40th Anniversary Video

Parish History

Saint John Vianney

In 1818 there was a young priest in a small, lonely parish in the French Village of Ars. His name was John Vianney. He had not been very successful on his school work, but he was very successful in his parish work.

For forty years, John Vianney did all that he could do to help the people in his parish and anyone else who needed him. People came to him for help first from near-by parishes, then from all of France, and finally from all over the world. Before long, the small country parish was famous world-wide. Rich and poor, young and old, wise and foolish, people came to hear John preach and receive advice and blessing. He loved and helped them all. About 20,000 people came each year for his help. He spent as much as eighteen hours a day sharing the love of Jesus by reconciling people with God and the Church. John Vianney was a kind, loving and gentle priest. He is called the Cure' of Arcs. (Cure' is the French word for "Priest" or "Father.")

John Vianney shows us what one single person can do with God's help to change the lives of people in a parish. He showed them by the way he lived how to live Jesus' Law of Love. John Vianney was canonized in 1925 and was later named patron saint of all parish priests.

Birth of a Parish

How a parish grows into a family. The history of St. John Vianney Catholic Church of Millard.

The Archdiocese of Omaha saw the need of a new parish after a survey of the Southwest area around Omaha. In 1966 they purchased seven acres of property in the midst of newly developing Oak Hills. It was deemed to the Archdiocese of Omaha that year with the stipulation that a building superstructure or foundation for a church and/or school would be in progress by 1976 or Hal Grove would have 60 days to repurchase theland for the selling price, $24,000.

In the spring of 1974, Father Paul Schwaab was chosen to be the founding pastor of the parish to be called St. John Vianney Catholic Church of Millard, named after the Patron Saint of Diocesan Priests.

The first parish Mass was offered in the gymnasium of Mari Sandoz Elementary School on June 17, 1974. During that year, a temporary home was purchased to serve as a chapel, office and living quarters.

Before Christmas in 1976, our new community celebrated the first Mass in our newly completed St. John Vianney Church. In February of 1977, we gathered as a parish to enjoy our first family function, the Parish Party of 1977.

During the fall of 1978, the rectory and offices were under construction and the priests were welcomed to their new home on Mother's Day 1979.

The replacement of the clear glass windows with ten stained glass windows began in the 1980's.

Since the origin of our parish, over 2000 children have been guided to follow the teachings of our Lord through our religious education program and over 300 parent instructors have led our educational ministry in our parish homes and campus facilities.