Gift Acceptance Policy

St. John Vianney Catholic Church
Omaha, Nebraska
Gift Acceptance Policy

St. John Vianney Catholic Church encourages parishioners and donors alike to make gifts supporting the parish and its mission of celebrating God through proclamation, community, service, and worship.St. John Vianney is called to discipleship, evangelization, and ministry to the poor and poor in spirit in our parish, local community, archdiocese, and everywhere our work touches.
The purpose of this gift acceptance policy is to provide guidelines for the acceptance of gifts to St. John Vianney Catholic Church.

Cash Gifts and Pledges

-Unrestricted gifts of cash, are recorded as such and used to fund current parish operations, maintain savings, reduce debt, or add to an endowment.
-Pledges may be one-year or multi-year commitments, and are expected to be fulfilled with contributions of cash or securities.


Gifts of securities will be reported at fair market value on the date the donor relinquished control of the assets. Publicly traded securities will be valued at the average of the high and low value on the date they are given. Neither losses nor gains realized, nor brokerage fees or other expenses associated with the transaction, will impact the gift valuation. All marketable securities will be sold promptly upon receipt unless otherwise directed by parish leadership.

Life Insurance

Subject to review by the St. John Vianney Parish Pastoral Council, the parish will accept fully paid insurance policies for which St. John Vianney Catholic Church is named as beneficiary and the irrevocable owner of the policy.

Planned Gifts

Donors are encouraged to make bequests under their wills and to name St. John Vianney as the beneficiary under Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Remainder Unitrusts, and Charitable Lead Trusts.

Property or Real Estate

Only in rare circumstances, and with the approval of the St. John Vianney Parish Pastoral Council, will a gift of property be accepted.Acceptance is contingent on an independent appraiser paid for by the donor. If property cannot be liquidated in a reasonable amount of time, St. John Vianney may elect to decline the gift.

Unacceptable Gifts

The St. John Vianney parish leadership makes the final decision about the acceptance of gifts that may fall outside of the established policy guidelines. St. John Vianney is not required to accept any charitable gift or contribution, particularly those that:Are designated with restrictions that fall outside of the parish’s mission;

Are too expensive to administer, provide a liability or potential penalty of any kind;

-Have conditions that are not deemed in the best interest of St. John Vianney, or those that fall outside ethical boundaries;
-Are not considered an immediate or long-term need as viewed by the St. John Vianney parish leadership;
-Are not able to be liquidated into cash in a reasonable amount of time.

Donated Personal Property & Household Gifts

The following non-inclusive list provides examples of unsolicited gifts that must be approved for acceptance by parish leadership on a case-by-case basis:

-Household goods including new and used furniture and or furnishings;
-New and used kitchen appliances and equipment;
-Electronics, e.g., televisions, computers, etc.;
-Food and drink items;
-Health supplies, e.g., wheelchairs, crutches, etc.;
-Property maintenance equipment;
-New and used vehicles, both motorized and un-motorized.

In the event the parish is unable to accept these gifts, the parish may be able to direct the donor to any charities or non-profit organizations that are in need of this type of gift.